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Last updated 2:33 PM on 23 October 2012

We were fortunate this year to receive teacher supplementation for an enrichment program in the visual arts which we have organised as a community of schools with Bonnet Bay and Jannali Public Schools. Mrs.Lloyd has been running the program on a Thursday for selected students. The students have been making 3D objects such as masks, clay flowers, bowls and turtles. We will be hosting an Art Show at Jannali Public School on Monday 5 November from 4:30pm. The students involved in this program will have their art work on display. It would be wonderful to see our family members of students involved in this program attend the event. Please ensure that your child is dressed in full school uniform for this occasion. The Regional Director, Mr.Lambert and School Education Director, Ms.Cran will also be attending and the School Leaders from each of the schools will be assisting during the event. The Art Show will close at 7:00pm and there will also be viewing time for those unable to make it on the Monday on Tuesday 6 November from 9:30am-5:00pm. Hope to see you there!

Mrs Lloyd


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