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Last updated 3:10 PM on 23 July 2013

This year's theme for Education Week is "Creating the Future".  Education Week is from Monday the 29th of July through to Friday the 2nd of August. We are welcoming all families to our "Open Day" on Wednesday the 31st of July from 11:50am  – 1.20pm where the students will be partaking in rotational activities. We will also be having our annual "Book Fair" which in the past has always received an amazing response from our school community. There will be an assortment of books for sale located on the verandah of the library during lunchtime, which are available for family members to purchase for the school library. The prices of books for purchase range from $10 - $25 and books that are donated will have a plaque at the front of the book with the child's name on it. If you are unable to attend the "Open Day' but would like to donate a book, please see Mrs. Hadzinickitas in the office to arrange this.  Mrs Tarsoff – Librarian

There will be a sausage sizzle, tea and coffee available from the canteen. All sausage sizzles will need to be pre-ordered (please refer to Notes tab)

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