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Last updated 11:00 AM on 23 July 2014

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

You are invited to attend Como Public School's 2014 Open Day on Thursday 31st July. This is a day where we celebrate and showcase our outstanding students and the wonderful opportunities they receive in this exceptional environment. 


The program for the day will be:


       11.00 - 11.30       Open Classrooms


       11.30 – 12.00       Performance Groups

                                    Junior/Senior and Combined Choir

                                    Junior & Senior Dance Groups


       12.00 – 1.30         Rotating Group Activities        


                    1.30          BBQ Picnic Lunch


The "Book Fair" will be open on the Library verandah from 11am to give everyone an opportunity to purchase a book for our school library. Each donated book will have a plaque at the front of the book inscribed with your child's name.

       We hope that you can join us!


       Nicole Arnold and the Staff of Como PS






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